About the Altruistic Theatre Company New York, NY

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Founded in 2008 by director Brock Hill and actor Geoffrey Payne, Altruistic was designed to be a company that fostered the development of innovative new theatre while working to affect the greater good. Their vision was to discover new talent and create an environment that allows these playwrights, performers and other artists to experiment and develop their craft.

Three years later, Altruistic’s community of artists continues to grow and thrive.  Through a tightly knit support network, this community has spawned the creation of three new works and the redevelopment of many more pieces of theatre.

Altruistic believes in bringing meaningful art to all, which is why each production it hosts has low cost and broad appeal. With its six-production 2010 season, the company has continued to produce original works that challenge audiences to question their place in the world without beating them over the head with monochromatic ideals. Altruistic demands that these works never lose touch with the pure joy that brings people to theatre, resulting in productions that are entertaining as well as inspiring.

This year, Altruistic has begun to take its efforts to improve the world off-stage, reaching out to provide support to the non-profits, charities and organizations that work for the real change that Altruistic fictionalizes for its audiences. [To learn more about this initiative contact us.]

In years ahead, Altruistic will continue to increase the scope of its artistic development and civic improvement teams to create ripples in the world in which we live. We’re the Altruistic Theatre Company and you should get to know us.

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