And we’re off…

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…well, now I’m off and going. Up til now my job has been a combination of task master and cheerleader, but now I get to direct! This has been an amazing couple of weeks for this fledgling company. Lets hit some bullet points:

First and foremost, we found an affordable space for our taste of the Altruistic pieces (working title). Not only is it affordable, it’s easily accessible, it’s on 14th st in Manhattan and it is all ours April 1st-3rd. Posters are on the way.

Also, Both scripts are in final draft with only minor changes coming from discoveries in rehearsal.

Our amazing sound designer, Adam, has been spinning gold with guitar string for CYOA and the sounds of death and mayhem for Zombie.

We are also gearing up a fine submittion to Theater for a New City’s Dream Up festival. If we get get in we’ll be using one of their fine theater spaces for 6 nights of the fest.

Zombie is fully cast and we had our first rehearsal last night and it felt great. We worked mostly on tone and character and it’s already working so well. We started with a regular ‘in character” read-thru based on the actor’s first instincts. Interesting enough, it came across as a bit dark. The second time through we lightened the feel and then a third read brought out the vision in my mind of the world of the play. Joe and Jordon are going to be great.

The search for our last cast member continues tonight with a reading of an actress our costume designer, Mary, brought to us. We are trying to fill the “female” for the CYOA, the actress will end up playing multiple parts in the different paths of the play, interesting part. Her play will be vastly different from night to night. The major challenge for the actors in this piece is going to be memorization. There are 15 separate scenes to block and memorize lines for, but only four or five will be preformed a night.

Next on the agenda is finding rehearsal space, it’s not as expensive as a performance space, but $15-30 an hour will break the bank over time.

Oh money, how I loath thee…more soon.

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  1. Psychic says:

    Hey there …Did you know that your great-grandfather had been a Bard in his day also?//Your dad’s mom’s dad…
    He had a day job, but by night, he was often asked to fill in for actors, since he had a photographic memory and could read the script and remember the book word for word. Got this info from my dad, Archie.
    re Rehearsal space…Many moons ago, when I was also looking for rehearsal space, I found it in the oddest places. Possibilities: 1. Elementary or High School, as a actors group in residence, if you allow the kids to see the construction of a play Speak to the principals. 2. Community Centres, 3. Church basements…”ask and ye shall receive” 4 Ask the N.Y. city arts council for a site…they may even have some rehearsal space at city hall…Also ask them to send you a form for Art grant money. 5. Tag onto one of the existing Arts venues (hall etc)…they often rent out space to other arts groups..but you may also want to submit a request for grant money to pay for this cost…There are many tiers of Arts granting institutions..(city, state, art councils, etc)

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