Civic Theatre Initiative

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Altruistic Theatre Company strives to create works that challenge audiences to think about important issues. The Civic Theatre Initiative (CTI) takes this mission further by supporting non-profits in our city who work in the realities our company fictionalizes.With every show we do, we benefit our CTI partner through promotion and a donation of half the proceeds from our productions.

We proudly announce our first partner of the 2011 season: World Cares Center, Sponsored by Civilization!

World Cares Center Logo

About the World Cares Center:

To achieve our mission, WCC trains both the community members who come out of their jobs and homes to help during emergencies and disasters, and the emergency managers that are tasked with managing disaster response. Our training series ensure that ready responders are prepared in the event of an emergency, and that emergency managers are prepared to effectively utilize citizens in the aftermath of a disaster. For more information visit

This organization will be sponsored by our upcoming production of Civilization! Half of all profits from ticket sales and donations made during the run will be given to this group to help further their mission of ensuring all civilians are prepared for whatever disaster strikes.

We see this as a brilliant opportunity to do some good for our community and we are always looking for new partners. For more information on the CTI, email

Also, to keep this and other programs running, we really appreciate your donations. For more on what becoming and altruist can do for you, check out our donation page.

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