BKTF Four! Pillow Fight!

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Grab your jammies and put on your war-paint, the city’s rawest one-act festival is back for another of its late night theatre smackdowns. We scour the city for the best one act plays from new and established writers and puts them head to head for your amusement. Previous bouts have been action packed and extreme, but nothing can compare to this: BKTF PILLOW FIGHT EDITION.
This event puts company against company in a late-night no-holds-barred theatrical throw-down where YOU make the call. Five separate producers will go head to head with five 10-20 minute plays, but only one will win the cash prize and your respect.

The contenders are:

Abigail Taylor: “Hard to Get”
Julia Blauvelt: “Quitting Time
Mila Golubov: “Janet’s Cookie
Alexander Kveton: “Dick
Michael Devito: “The Alley

[Euphemism much?]

One of these companies will walk away with a lot of cash, you will walk away with a quality night of theatre you won’t soon forget. Doors open at 10:15pm, but come early and stay late enjoying drink specials all night at the Producer’s Club Lounge.

Bonus points given if you dress in the theme.

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