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This June, we return to the island. . .

Greetings from Civilization!

“Found adrift at sea, hallow-eyed and starved, Robin wakes in the hold of a ship. Two years before, Robin’s plane had crash landed near a deserted island, stranding him and five others. It’s the Airplane! version of Robinson Crusoe; a cold look at society, as formed and remade by idiots.”

Written by Maximilian Avery Clark
Directed by Brock H. Hill

For tickets visit:

As with all of our shows, this production works to the good of a non-profit. This time it’s the American Red Cross. You can help the ARC by volunteering (visit for more info) or right this second you can donate 10 dollars by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999. Technology is the best.

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