Become an Altruist

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Help us put a little good back into the world. We rely on the kindness of strangers; Your tax deductible gift allows us to support community organizations, keep ticket prices affordable and produce entertaining works of theatre.  We think you’re a good person just for thinking about it, but if you want to become a true Altruist, like these people, consider making a gift:


Levels of Altruism:


$5-24: Do Gooder
You let people know when their shoes are untied or their fly is down.
You Get: 10% off your tickets to one of our shows; your name in the program.

$25-49: Weekend Volunteer
You’ve given blood once or twice, maybe even seen the inside of a soup kitchen.
Plus: 10% off your tickets to all our shows this season.

$50-74: Humanitarian
You help old ladies across the street, tutor in an after-school program.
Plus:  One free ticket to any of our shows this season.

$75-99: Fairy Godparent
You’re someone’s emergency contact, stay up all night taking care of a sick friend in need, even bailed out a guy you only kinda know.
Plus: Two free tickets to any of our shows this season.

$100-249: Guardian Angel
You’ve helped someone move into a 5th story walk-up
Plus: A signed poster, a picture with our crew from our next show, AND an invitation to our “Donor Party” show and other special events.

$250-499: Super Hero
You run a no-kill rescue shelter, mentor an at risk-youth while doing rescue work in the third world.
Plus: A picture with the cast from our next show

$500-999: Santa Claus
You’re like our own personal St. Nick, bringing joy to all the children on Earth.
Plus: Previously unreleased production photos and a personal signed copy of the script, Season Pass for 2 (good for 2 free tickets to all of our shows for one full year)

$1000+: Savior of the Human Race
You’ve saved 40 hostages from a group of terrorists in a high rise building
,  you’ve saved passengers on a dozen airplanes running out of fuel, you’ve stopped criminals from disrupting the world financial system three times, you’ve rescued the fifth element and united her with the other four to stop a vaguely-defined evil cloud monster, you’ve been sent up to destroy a meteor headed for Earth and stayed behind to detonate the nuclear device, you’ve…. you know…you’re just Bruce Willis.
Plus: Choice of: A ten minute play is written about you personally, and your greatness. —OR—  Dinner with the cast (NYC Residents Only)

Altruists’s rewards are cumulative and donations are tax deductible. For more information contact us at

Donate by credit card!

Or by check!

Altruistic Theatre Company
204 21st Street
Suite 4B
Brooklyn, NY 11232