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Back Online!

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As many of you know, our website became self-aware on November 3rd, 2011. At which point, it turned on its makers and locked them out. It prevented updates, stopped forward motion. However, with much valor and courage (we called our web-master), the counter coup was successful.


So now we, the board of the Altruistic Theatre Company, have regained control. So with 2012 ahead of us, expect a lot of excitement, more shows, more hard core Bare Knuckle action and more soulful expression of art.

Welcome back.

The Alt+T+C


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Another successful Bare-Knuckle Everyone!

As demonstrated by this off-center group photo, everyone had a blast.

While everyone performed courageously, special congratulations to Amy Frey for her winning production of historical drama “The Dauphin” she walked away with nearly CLXX dollars and the laurel crown of victory.

Look ahead for word on Decemeber’s Holiday show and how YOU can steer the course of our production.


Hear all about it!

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One of our former BKTF friends decided he liked it so much he wanted to tell the world.

Listen to Altruistic Theatre’s Director of Partnerships, Maximilian Clark tell Robert of the Go See a Show Podcast how kick a** BKTF really is.


And don’t forget. The show’s this Friday. THIS FRIDAY. Get your tickets before they’re gone. Remember it’s Gladiator themed and Toga-optional.


Bare-knvckle Theatre Festival III

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Bare-knvckle theatre

October 14th @ 10pm

Hello Altrvists!

This rovnd we wanted to do something a little special, so we are reaching into history and reviving one of the great art forms from one of the greatest civilizations of the western world: Gladiatorial Combat. So trade in your “u”s for “v”s don yovr toga and come experience some of the best hand-to-hand theatre yov’ll ever see.

This event pvts company against company in a late-night no-holds-barred theatrical throw-down where YOV make the call. Five separate prodvcers will go head to head with five 10-20 minvte plays for their share of the prize.

These shows inclvde:


  • Brett Epstein – Your Mother the Tramp
  • Heather Jeanne Violanti – Fish Story
  • Amy Frey – The Dauphin
  • Nicole M. Young – get (t)his
  • Sol Crespo – Old Maid

One of these prodvcers will walk away with a lot of cash, yov will walk away with a qvality night of theatre yov won’t soon forget. Come early and stay late enjoying drink specials all night at the Producer’s Club Lounge.


BONVS: Come in a toga and receive a special prize at the door.

Bvy Your Tickets Now.