Past Productions

World Premiere: Civilization!

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Coming June 16th-June 26th at 7:30 PM [Sunday Matinees at 3:00pm]

Two years ago, Robin—a mild-mannered civil servant—crash-landed on a desert island with five strangers. He wants to get them home to the world they left behind. They want to create a new world on the island, a better world. This is their story.

Greetings from Civilization!

Welcome to Civilization: The society of the future, tomorrow! Come explore the lush jungle with its legendary large pig creatures. Spend your mornings hunting and gathering with the men, or if you prefer, learn the art of tending wounds or child-making in any of our four-star thatch roof huts. Very few of our residents have been sacrificed for the good of the group and every room has an ocean view (courtesy of our omnipotent fish-monster lord)! Come by boat, plane, however you please, just come. Please, just come. Please, anyone, if you find this, come.

Written by: Maximilian Avery Clark
Directed by Brock H. Hill
Starring: Jake Blagburn, Amber Bloom, Joseph Garner, Claire Gresham, Don James, Evan Kincade, Pete McElligott, Celeste Sexton, Jordon Villines

As part of the Civic Theatre Initiative, half of all profits benefit World Cares Center, fostering locally led disaster preparedness, response, and recovery initiatives. For more information visit:

Bare-Knuckle I: Re-Cap

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Last Friday an over-capacity house watched five titans of the off-off-broadway world duke it out and go toe to to and line to line in one of the best late-night theatre festivals in the city.

While all five shows brought some serious punch to the stage, there can only be one left standing at the end of the night. After all votes were counted, “The Penis Play” stood tall above the rest, proudly displaying it’s impressive… ahem. . . theatricality. Altruistic proudly congratulates playwright Toby Scales for bringing home the gold and $250 in cold hard cash.

We also thank our other contenders, Sean Pomposello, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Jae Kramisen and Guy Milone for fighting the good fight and putting on some stellar theatre.

Look at our winning playwright with Managing Director Joseph Garner and Artistic Director Brock H. Hill! Don’t you want to be this happy?

For more pictures of the event check out our facebook page

Playwrights of New York prepare yourself! The next competition opens itself up tomorrow night! Get ready!

A Taste of Altruistic

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Altruistic Theatre Company presented a tasting of what it is serving up in 2010… Including:

Wardrobe of the Living Dead

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A dim lightbulb hangs above, there’s a scrape at the only door just inches away. The space feels like its getting smaller and smaller by the second and the air is choked with fear… I wonder why no one is tweeting on twitter…

Choose Your Own Adventure… Grown-up Adventure

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Ever wondered what would have happened if you had taken another path, maybe made a different choice in your life? Now is your chance, lead our hero through some of the hardest decisions he’s ever had to make and see if there is a fairy-tail ending somewhere for anyone.

This Is Our Youth

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The entire play takes place in an Upper West Side apartment in New York City in 1982 and centers around two friends: 21 year old Dennis Ziegler, whose father pays for his rent, and 19 year old Warren Straub, who has just stolen fifteen thousand dollars from his father. Both are college dropouts who have been caught up in the excesses of the “Me Generation” of the 1980s yet, at the same time; reject the elitist world of their parents. The plot is than complicated by a young woman, Jessica Goldman who, along with Dennis, introduces Warren to the complexities of human relationships, especially concerning issues of loyalty and betrayal. As Lonergan focuses on the efforts of Dennis and Warren to return the cash to Warren’s father, he presents a sharp and forthright look at this generation in its ironic struggle both to resist and to attain adulthood.

Dennis Ziegler: Geoffrey Payne
Warren Straub: Seena Jon
Jessica Goldman: Phoebe Greenberg
Directed By: Brock H Hill
Sound Design By: Lars Hoel
Stage Manager: Sarah Adler